Community Events

Saturday April 27th  (rain date Sunday April 28th)

Time: 10:00 - NOON (please feel free to join in any time between those hours - bring a rake if you can).


Older Children should ask whether clean-up qualifies for community service work hours

Duties:  Pick any area of the Little Park, - rake up fallen twigs, branches, bark (please leave shredded leaf mulch in place as it nourishes the turf.)  Scrape clear a bench platform or edge a path.

The SRA will provide yard waste bags and a few plastic bags for garbage.


Bring leaf rake, stiff broom, small (childs) snow shovel, ice scraper/lawn edger and rubber or work gloves.

Please Mark your tools with your name.

If you cannot make it but can lend tools, please identify them clearly with your name and address and leave them on the porch of : 87 Woodlawn Ave E.  There are always more volunteers than garden tools.  

Please note:  This volunteer effort has never been missed since it's start in the 1990's.  We have registered with the City's Official Clean-up on these dates which has attracted Volunteers from beyond Summerhill Area.


*  to help with storm drainage please take a moment to clean up the debris in front of your house so it does not block the sewers and cause flooding.


Save the Date - Summerhill Fair, June 8, 2019

Aerial Photo of Rosehill Reservoir, November 30, 2018. Please click here.

June 16, 2018: Community Clean Up of Japanese Knotweed

What a successful and productive morning we had. A good number of volunteers (27 people) showed up and with the assistance of very helpful Toronto City Staff we were guided to where we needed to cut down the Japanese Knotweed. With such a dedicated & hardworking bunch of volunteers we cleared the area in one hour. Thank you everyone!



Longtime Summerhill resident Bill Davis was honored recently for many years

of volunteering in our community. For 60 years, Bill has contributed to the

fabric of Summerhill and he has run the Cottingham Girls and Boys club for

longer than most of us remember.

The playground beside Cottingham Public School 
was named 'The Bill R Davis Playground' - the perfect choice as Bill has created and run

programs for young children for so many decades. Even Bill's father, a

famous lacrosse player, played sports in this park.

Councillor Josh Matlock came out to assist with the ceremony and many past

and present students and parents joined in the celebration, along with

Bill's wife Velma and family.

We are so grateful for Bill's contributions to our community - and thank

him for all the joy he's given our children and his tireless dedication to

fitness and creativity!



Summerhill enjoys great restaurants, lovely stores for shopping and great services.  Do check out the Rosedale Main Street website; http://www.rosedalemainstreet.ca/events

Summerhill also has a number of other happenings throughout the year. Annual events such as:
  • Little Park Cleanup usually late April or early May depending on the weather?
  • Daffodil planting on the Shaftesbury berm or in the Little Park -  April/May and October/November
  • Summerhill Fair -  mid June in the Little Park 
  • Lighting of the Holiday Lights around November 20th