Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Project

*  The Rosehill Vision Committee (RVC), is holding a community meeting on May 31st, 7pm to show the neighbourhood the revised draft plan for the Reservoir Park. This is a great opportunity to see plans the City and the RVC have been working on and to give your input. We have a big room booked so there will be lots of room this time. The meeting will be at York Minster Park Baptist Church, NE corner of Yonge and Heath.​​ Click here for more details
Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Project. 
Rosehill Vision Committee
Update:  Meeting on April 19th..

The meeting went pretty well - Our Councillors had made sure the key people were present. Senior City staff were there from Toronto Water, Parks and Recreation, Forestry, and Heritage - as well as Project staff from the Reservoir Rehabilitation. 

Councillor Wong Tam started the meeting with a generous apology to the neighbourhood communities for the unreasonable delays and frustration encountered in dealing with the park visioning project. She expressed confidence, based on the presence of the senior staff that were gathered in the room, that any obstacles to moving ahead would be dealt with quickly, in the spirit of co-operativeness. We all want to be proud of the Park after the three years of rehabilitation have gone by - we just need to get it done.

From Toronto Water, we finally got information that has allowed the RVC to back away from the option of waterproofing from the inside and the hope of saving some trees. From Engineering we received the  reports that show the structure of the reservoirs in enough detail to allow design and planning of paths on the surface. From Parks we got some notion of the time frame necessary for additional work to be done on the lower perimeter path - plus their commitment to work through the many outstanding requests from the committee concerning design details that fall within Parks. Two meeting have been scheduled for the team to meet with the city design team to design together a plan for the Rosehill Park that both protects the city's water supply and gives the community a beautiful park that meets the needs of the community who use it. 

The new design for the Park will be brought to the Community Meeting, now scheduled for mid-June, for the public's input and comments. At that meeting the design and construction schedules will be also be available.  

Our Councillors and their staff were extremely helpful - they deserve an email if you have a moment. Now. with any luck we can move swiftly onto the design work before the summer months.

Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Project (RRRP) - February 2017

The project’s construction start date is currently set for the fall of 2018.
The SRA will continue to monitor the impact on the Little Park during the rehabilitation of the reservoir. The Association’s concern has the support of Councillor Wong-Tam around this issue.
In September 2016 the SRA and several residents met with Councillors Wong-Tam and Matlow to express their concern over the lack of public consultation by the project team. The residents were encouraged by the Councillors to pull together a working group to develop a Vision for the Reservoir Park that reflected the way the park is currently used by the surrounding community.
The Rosehill Vision Committee(RVC) is made up of senior architects, landscape architects, planners and designers from the community. The committee met throughout the fall to prepare a draft vision for the park. The vision which was presented at an overflow community meeting at 44 Jackes Avenue in November is based on a set of principles which informs the design. The plan and principles received wide support at the meeting and has had letters of support from Moore Park Residents, ABC Homeowners and of course our Association.

Please click on this link to see the ‘Vision for the Rosehill Reservoir Park’ that was presented on November 23, at the Neighbourhood Meeting at 44 Jackes Avenue. 
The Rosehill Vision Committee can be contacted at, info@rosehillvision.ca  and also at rosehillvision@gmail.com
Councillor Wong-Tam has named the RVC a City “Working Group” which allows the committee access to some(but not all) of the working documents of the project - this has allowed the RVC to move forward with their planning and to work more effectively with the project team.
The Rehabilitation Team has been expanded to include senior team members from Parks, Forestry and Recreation which facilitates addressing outstanding issues around the Rosehill Garden, outstanding Little Park ”asks” and park issues outside the construction footprint.
A Public Consultation Meeting is being proposed for early-late June. 
The RVC and the City are currently working together to prepare an optional park plan which they will present at the June meeting.
Questions about the City’s work on the reservoir can be directed to Kate Nelischer, Sr Public Consultation Coordinator, at knelischer@toronto.ca
Additional information is available at the City of Toronto website;
Click on this to see the City's presentation that was given at the meeting on October 13, 2016.