Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Project

Rosehill Vision Committee

Year End Report: December 2017

In late November, the City's Public Works & Infrastructure Committee received the staff report for the Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Contract Award. You can review the report on-line at:

The report recommends that City Council award the contract to Bennett Mechanical Installations in the amount of $35,216,796.  Yes, that's over 35 million dollars - the cost to secure Toronto's safe (and delicious) drinking water for the next 50 years and more.

This amount includes $31,219,154 for the structural rehabilitation work and $3,997,642 for Rosehill Park, including removing and replacing the Rosehill Garden. Assuming the staff recommendations are adopted, they will be voted on at a mid-December Council meeting. We know City budgets are tight but Councillors Wong Tam and Matlow are champions of the Park upgrade so we're optimistic.
The recent news is that Parks, Forestry & Recreation has committed to funding the full amount of the park enhancements (i.e. the items above and beyond the site restoration covered by Toronto Water). Final approval for the funding will be considered as part of Parks, Forestry & Recreation's capital budget submission on February 12 and 13, 2018. This too will be a challenge - fingers crossed.
Earlier this month the RVC received a copy of the Rehabilitation tender documents which we had requested in October - three huge binders and a foot thick roll of plans!  The tender documents will be reviewed by the committee and concerns  brought to the attention of the City team.

City staff have been good to work with; responding quickly and efficiently to our many requests for meetings and/or information.  After a rocky first six months of this collaboration the working partnership is very positive - we all want the best park possible. Meetings with the City team will resume in the Spring to continue refining  the park design - the devil is in the details. 

As noted in the October newsletter, the city is planning a Spring public meeting to present information about construction schedules, park closure,  vehicular traffic, clean up etc. When the date of the meeting is announced, you will get a reminder. This is the meeting where we need to clarify the impact this three-year long,  major construction project will have on surrounding communities.

A reminder that information about the Rosehill Rehabilitation Project can be found on the City of Toronto's project website: www.toronto.ca/rosehill 

That's all for now - thanks again for your support.
Happy holidays from the Rosehill Vision Committee.


Kate Wilson van Nostrand


October Report
The City's Public Meeting on September 13th was well attended - lots of new faces as a result of the city's wide distribution of their flyer. I'm hoping many of you (the "friends of the rez" list is now at 225) were able to be there to see the results of your support for the last year of work. Almost all the changes and additions requested by the RVC are included in the plans that were presented on the display boards. The last few design meetings with the City in August and early September were long and intense but important details in the plan were ironed out and ultimately agreed upon. 
The project rehabilitation schedule presented at the meeting called for the project to go to tender in late September. The RVC has requested a copy of the tender documents pertaining to the landscape so we can confirm that all agreed upon components in the plan were included. As of this date, October 23rd, nothing has been received and we are following up with the project leader, Ken Kosan. 

As announced at the September meeting, the city will have a second public consultation early in 2018 to present information about construction plans, park closure,  vehicular traffic, etc. This is a meeting where we need to clarify the impact this three year project will have on surrounding communities.

Kate Nelischer, who chaired the city's September 13th meeting, has been the project's public consultation coordinator for the past few years and the "go to" person for questions and concerns from the public as well as an important and helpful liaison person for the Vision Committee. Unfortunately for all of us, Kate is leaving her position shortly. We wish her well and thank her for the help she has given the RVC and the Rosehill communities over the past several years - and for her good humour and patience.

A reminder that information about the project can be found on the project website: www.toronto.ca/rosehill 

The RVC will monitor any preparation for construction in the park as well as continue to refine the park design over the months ahead. Meetings with the city team will resume in the spring. 

When the date of the Spring 2018 public meeting is announced, I will send out a reminder so you don't miss it. In the meantime - enjoy this wonderful autumn weather in our beautiful park.


Kate Wilson (van Nostrand)


  • The current proposal start date is Spring 2018.
  • The City is planning a public consultation meeting sometime this September.
  • Click here for the City's timeline for the project.
  • Click here to view the Rosehill Vision Committee's current draft plan.


Questions about the City’s work on the reservoir can be directed to Kate Nelischer, Sr Public Consultation Coordinator, at knelischer@toronto.ca
Additional information is available at the City of Toronto website;