Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Project

Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Updates from the City

October 24, 2019: Update #26


Good afternoon Rosehill neighbours,


Deliveries on large and/or special trucks via Summerhill Avenue to the Valve House and south end of the reservoir will resume starting Wednesday October 30, 2019 and continue until the end of the project in Spring, 2021. Deliveries will be especially frequent over the following three weeks and then will be periodic.


To make these deliveries, the parking restrictions in front of 91 Summerhill Avenue to 101 Summerhill Avenue will be required. Attached are the Parking Notice #2 which will be delivered by mail to the neighbourhood south of the reservoir and the Parking Restriction Notice #2 which will be placed on drivers' windshields on Summerhill Avenue. I'll post this to the webpage next week.


Unfortunately, temporary on-street parking permits will not be issued by the City's Permit Office.


Please contact me if you have any questions.






October 16, 2019. Correction to Update #25

Hello neighbours,

Apologies for issuing the following correction to the previous update #25. The sodding that was expected to take place this fall will be moved to another date next year when the weather warms up.

The City's approach in this contract for sodding new grass requires a 60 to 90-day period minimum without disturbance for the roots to establish or "stitch into" the soil. The upcoming cold and fluctuating weather will impact the grass from establishing, and the team would like to ensure that the sodding is successful.

In the meantime, the contractor will be monitoring the soil as the temperatures get colder (and hardens the ground) and rain (to keep the soil saturated) to prevent dust/dirt getting caught up in windy conditions. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.



October 1, 2019. Update #25

Here's a quick update on work since Phase 2B started earlier in August.

Reservoir Interior work:

o   The west basin has been commissioned and is in operation

o   The east basin has been drained and cleaned for work to start on expansion joints


Exterior work

o   West side of park has completed the granular backfill and is stockpiling topsoil.

o   The east side of the park has stripped about 80% of its topsoil

o   Sodding is expected to take place late fall


  • Other Infrastructure work
    • The catchbasins on west side of park have been replaced
    • The watermain tie-in at the end of Jackes Avenue has been completed
    • The grading of slope on the west side of park are in progress
    • Installation of Phase 2B hoarding & tree protection in progress
    • Removal and storage of memorial benches and plaques (Parks staff have reached out to families, please contact us if your family has not been contacted).

April 13, 2019: 

Saturday work

The contractor will be resuming construction work on the reservoir exterior on Saturdays, starting tomorrow April 13 (weather dependent) to the end of the year.  We apologize for the late notification. Please refer to Construction Notice #5 on January 17, 2019


Kate Kusiak

Public Consultation


March 28, 2019: Update #18: Public Meeting Presentation Details & Four Tree Removal InformationClick here for the details.
March 6: Update #17: A New design for David A Balfour Park please click here.
City of Toronto: Rosehill Reservoir presentation given to SRA at their AGM on January 23, 2019. To view please click here.
January 17, 2019: Update #16: Revised Construction Schedule – Phase 2A and 2B

Previous issues regarding the temporary boardwalk and poor/wet weather days in 2018 has held back the construction schedule. To recoup this time, the City's contractor will be:

Carrying out work on Saturdays starting January 26 until the end of 2019.

Advance the start date for work on the eastern perimeter area, below the reservoir's slope, which was originally schedule for Phase 2 this Summer.

The construction schedule is revised:

Phase 2 will be divided into 2 parts: Phase 2A and Phase 2B. Phase 2A will start February 4 to July 31 and includes the area at the eastern perimeter below the reservoir's slope. Phase 2B keeps with the original construction schedule, which will begin August 2019 to December 31 and result in a full park closure.

The blue area from the playground towards the Summerhill Entrance will be temporarily closed for 3 weeks to carry out tree protection and removals. Notice will be provided if this closure affects access to the garden.

Correction to Construction Notice #5 mailed out this week

The attached notice, please click here has clarified a detail on Page 2, second row, first column and indicates Phase 2A from February 4, 2019 to July 31, 2019.

Aerial Photo of Rosehill Reservoir, November 30, 2018. Please click here.

November 30: Update #15:

Washroom Hoarding & Demolition

The contractor will begin work to demolish the washroom starting December 7. Hoarding will be adjusted to enclose the building. Please see information in the attached Notice. Due to delays in Canada Post delivery, this notice will not be mailed out to the community.

Idling Update

We have repeatedly asked the contractor to stop truck idling on neighbourhood streets (especially Pleasant Boulevard). If you do see idling trucks, please contact myself (rosehill@toronto.ca), 311@toronto.ca and pparking@toronto.ca with the following information:

License plate number

Location of the truck

Approximately how long the truck was idling

Time of day (to establish a pattern)

November 26: Meeting of the Liaison Committee - An Update on the Rosehill Reservoir Construction.

Attending: From the City, Ken Koson, Kate Kusiak, Varum Shah, Councillor Mike Layton, reresentatives from Councillor Matlows office. Representatives from the Rosehill Garden, Avoca/Deer Park, Jackes Avenue apartments and Pleasant Blvd townhouses, Summerhill Residents association and The Rosehill Vision Committee. Ken Koson, Senior Project Manager made the presentation.Current and ongoing work on the reservoir includes, removal of soil and waterproof membrane, rehabilitation of the reservoir structure and construction of two new valve chambers - one next to the valve house and the second at Rosehill Ave.

Currently there is tree root exploration being done around the reservoir and in the Little Park. Using an air spade, crews are exposing tree roots to determine the extent and condition of the trees. The intent is to avoid damage to existing trees.

Washroom demolition and road closure. Washroom demolition will take place beginning the week of Dec 7th. Hoarding will be adjusted to close off the washroom.

A new water service will be installed early in 2019. This will require a road closure at Avoca/Rosehill corner. Duration, approximately 1-2 weeks. Notice will be provided.

Idling on Rosehill. The City is trying to stop idling of trucks on neighbour streets.

If you do see trucks idling please contact  Kate Kusiak, (rosehill@toronto.ca) or 311@toronto.ca  or pparking@toronto.ca, with the following information.  license plate number, location of the truck , approximately how long the truck was idling, time of day (to establish a pattern)

Watermain work has been moved to 2019. The Watermains at Jackes Ave and through the Little Park will be replaced. In both cases it is hoped that a technique called directional Drilling can be used to avoid damage to trees.

Revised Phase 2 construction schedule.

Phase 2A Feb 2019- July 2019

Hoarding will be expanded to the perimeter of the east cell basin.

Access to the Garden maintained.

Phase 2B,  Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

Full park closure. The Little Park will remain open.

Phase 3 Jan 2020 - Spring 2012

East side of Park Closed

West side of Park open only upon installation of Park Elements


November 7: Update # 14

Memorial Tree Impacts:

Over the next two weeks, three (3) memorial trees located within the phase 1 work area will be impacted. Two (2) trees will be transplanted to a new location and one tree will be removed and replanted before the end of construction. Transplanting and removing these trees are required to carry out work in Phase 1.

Staff have had direct contact with the family of one tree and have sent emails and a letter to the families of the remaining two trees since the phone numbers of those families are no longer in service.


October 26 : Update #13
The City's contractor will be working on Saturdays from 9 am to 5pm, starting next weekend from November 3 to December 22, 2018.
For more details please click here

October 24: Update #12

On-Street Parking Restrictions on Summerhill Avenue. For more details please click here

October 17: Update #11
Injured Tree

A tree by the north-east corner of the Valve House will be removed within the next two weeks (weather permitting) as our colleagues in the Parks division have determined that a split down the trunk (stem) is a significant impact to the tree’s health and condition. The project manager has agreed to carry out this removal on behalf of Parks through the Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation contractor.

Tree Root Exploration
For more information click here

October: Update #10
Temp Garbage Bin by 33 Rosehill. The City has agreed to place a temporary bin near 33 Rosehill. The bin will be in place during the reservoir renovation project. 

October 9&10: Update #9:
Hydrovac Excavation

The contractor will be performing hydrovac excavation in the following 3 locations on October 9 and 10, 2018, between 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1.        North side of Jackes, west of the underground garage (in front of hydrant)

2.        Little Park path south of the hoarding

3.        Little Park path at Woodlawn crossing

This work is required to determine the current depth and condition of existing infrastructure and assess potential conflicts for the new water main.

A hydrovac truck will be at these locations and there will be some noise and dust. Pedestrian and vehicle access will not be blocked, please use caution and go around this work.

September 20: Update #8

The project webpage has been updated, as we have received many questions about the pathways. Please visit www.toronto.ca/rosehill and click on the Important Information tab that includes the following:

1. Why was the Temporary pathway at Avoca built but not opened?

2. Why can't the Temporary Pathway be widened?

3. Why was the Asphalt Pathway opened and then closed?

4. Why can't the Asphalt Pathway be opened outside of construction hours?

5. Will the ravine recreational trails be open during construction?

6. Will the ravine access be improved?

7.  I live in a tower overlooking the park. Why haven't I seen much construction activity?

8. How will traffic from construction vehicles be managed?


August 27: Update #7

Mon August 27: New Access Points & Trucking on Rosehill Avenue

Two new access points for trucking activities will be located along Rosehill Avenue. This is required to expedite the Phase 1 construction schedule after staff efforts were re-directed to review safety concerns of the temporary boardwalk at north-east corner and carry out tree root explorations (see Update #8).

This temporary change:

- Will start Monday August 27 (construction of the access points)

- Will continue for Phase 1 and 2. See note below.

- Will facilitate an additional 3 trucks per hour. See note below.

- Will not result in trucks queuing on Rosehill Avenue and will not impact trees

- Will have 2 gates installed in the jersey barrier for the temporary sidewalk and hoarding for truck entry and exit

- Will have a flag person to coordinate safe entry/exit of trucks with pedestrians on the temporary sidewalk (jersey barriers)

As a result of these new access points at Rosehill Avenue,

- Maximum number of trucks at the new Rosehill Access Points is 3 per hour

- Maximum number of trucks at Avoca Main Access Point is 3 per hour

- A combined maximum number of trucks for this project is 6 per hour.

These two new gates during Phase 1 will facilitate the removal of existing soil, and the construction of a valve chamber infrastructure. Phase 2 includes ongoing work on the valve chamber and bringing in new soil. Each soil handling stage requires 6-8 weeks.


City staff have supported this change to address the schedule impacts that resulted from the above-mentioned issues. This change was also presented to the Councillors' office and representatives of neighbourhood associations. We apologize that this is another change from the original plan for construction work.


July 6: Update #6

Below are a number of updates about the rehabilitation work at Rosehill Reservoir.

- The painting of the hoarding is almost complete and park lights on top of the reservoir and along the south and western side of the park will soon be removed. 

- Temporary pathways have been put in place around the hoarding. The City is dedicated to keeping access to the remaining park space open during construction.  A recent site visit was held with representatives from the community and local Councillors to discuss potential enhancements to increase visibility and mobility. 

Unfortunately, the location of the reservoir is a constrained site and hoarding cannot be shifted any further to widen the temporary paths. With a focus on the temporary pathways at Little Park/Valve House and at the north-east corner near Avoca Parks Yard , the City will be taking further steps to:

1. install signage that clearly communicates the limited access, ask cyclists to dismount and dog walkers to have their dog remain on leash.

2. add large convex mirrors at the corners to help you see any movement/oncoming park users .

3. add lighting along the deck to illuminate the pathway only and in keeping with the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) guidelines.

In addition to these activities, City staff are reviewing opportunities to install transparent material on hoarding panels located around the temporary paths and a bump-out space to pass/rest. A future update will provide more details.

An additional temporary pathway and stairway will be added for park users to have easier access to the Washroom and Rosehill Garden.

Rehabilitation Activities

Work has already begun to remove the reflecting pools. The stone wall along the cascade/fountain at Rosehill Avenue will also be removed.  You may also have noticed that the water molecule feature has now been removed. It will be preserved, as it is a heritage feature and incorporated into the new design. 

Contractors have been reminded to start after 7:00 a.m. in keeping with the Noise By-law.

June 8: Update #5: Here are a few minor updates for the Rosehill Reservoir rehabilitation work:
- The hoarding and tree protection zones are almost completely installed for phase 1 work.

- Installation of temporary walkway at Avoca Ave, around the Parks Yard, is underway.

- Installation of temporary walkway from Little Park to the east side of the park is     underway and expected to be completed by the end of next week.   

- The hoarding is being painted green.

From: Kate Kusiak: Senior Public Consultation Coordinator City of Toronto Kate.kusiak@toronto.ca 416-392-1932

May 25: Update #4: here is another set of updates for the Rosehill Rehabilitation work:Construction hoarding and Tree Protection Zones are almost completely installed.At the north-east part of the construction site at Rosehill and Avoca, the existing pathway (red circle on map) will remain open until the temporary pathway is constructed (pink line on map). Signage on the hoarding indicates the path is still open (photo). If there is any construction equipment movement in this area, a construction crew member will be nearby to ensure people can safely cross this part of the site.

Temporary Garbage bins have been installed by the contractor at the Garden and Washroom. Solid Waste bins have been installed at the end of Jackes Avenue. The temporary bins will be in replaced Solid Waste bins.

Tree cutting started May 23 for trees that are located on top of the reservoir and on the slopes. The removal of these trees are required to accommodate the installation of the reservoir's waterproofing membrane.

Now that hoarding is almost installed, there is limited park space around the Garden. This is a gentle reminder to please be courteous to all park users and also to keep all dogs on leash.

May 18: Update #3The project team has received concern about the garbage bins in and around the park. Many of the bins were removed before they were relocated to another spot outside of the construction hoarding.

The project manager has spoken with our colleagues in Solid Waste and they will be installing garbage and recycling bins next week at the following locations:

- At the Rosehill Garden

- At the end of Jackes

- An additional set in Little Park

- On Avoca Ave near the Parks Yard

- At the washroom

Please note - No garbage bins will be located in the playground area since the perimeter path is not accessible for the Solid Waste collections vehicles. The garbage bin on Rosehill at the north-west corner of the Park will also not be replaced due to insufficient space provided with the temporary sidewalk.   

We will also be scheduling a litter pick up of garbage left around the park. With the unfortunate timing of this issue, no clean-up crews can be scheduled for this work over the upcoming long weekend. We will provide you with the date once it has been scheduled.

Temporary Pathways

1. Ramp to the Garden -- The contractor will be installing a temporary ramp from the Valve House to the Rosehill Garden, since part of the existing path will be inside the hoarding. This ramp will run from the Valve House, next to the hoarding and tie into the existing path to the Garden. This ramp is being inserted into a packed construction schedule and the contractor is expecting the installation within the next four weeks.

2.  In addition the following temporary pathways will also be installed with the hoarding over the next 3-4 weeks:

a. Temporary Pathway from Avoca Ave to the Perimeter path (around Avoca Parks Yard)

b. Temporary Sidewalk (along the south side of Rosehill Ave, adjacent to the Park)

April 30: Update #2: installation of hoarding and tree protection zones will begin and continue to take place for the next few weeks. Here is the map where hoarding will be installed that was included on the display boards at the March 19 public meeting for phase 1 construction area. Hoarding will be installed on the West side of the Park where it is shaded white (not the white dash lines). Please click here for the map. From: Kate Kusiak, Public Consultation

April 24-25: Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Update #1: Crews will be doing locates starting April 24 and April 25 on-site including Little Park, inside site buildings and chambers. They may use spray paint, wooden stakes, small flags to mark the buried service lines.This work will be within the noise by-law of 7am to 7pm.This work is in advance of installing hoarding.We plan to provide updates frequently as we head into the first phase of construction. Please contact me if you have concerns or questions. Kate Kusiak: 416-392-1932 (City of Toronto).


Rosehill Vision Committee

Year End Report: December 2017

In late November, the City's Public Works & Infrastructure Committee received the staff report for the Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Contract Award. You can review the report on-line at:

The report recommends that City Council award the contract to Bennett Mechanical Installations in the amount of $35,216,796.  Yes, that's over 35 million dollars - the cost to secure Toronto's safe (and delicious) drinking water for the next 50 years and more.

This amount includes $31,219,154 for the structural rehabilitation work and $3,997,642 for Rosehill Park, including removing and replacing the Rosehill Garden. Assuming the staff recommendations are adopted, they will be voted on at a mid-December Council meeting. We know City budgets are tight but Councillors Wong Tam and Matlow are champions of the Park upgrade so we're optimistic.
The recent news is that Parks, Forestry & Recreation has committed to funding the full amount of the park enhancements (i.e. the items above and beyond the site restoration covered by Toronto Water). Final approval for the funding will be considered as part of Parks, Forestry & Recreation's capital budget submission on February 12 and 13, 2018. This too will be a challenge - fingers crossed.
Earlier this month the RVC received a copy of the Rehabilitation tender documents which we had requested in October - three huge binders and a foot thick roll of plans!  The tender documents will be reviewed by the committee and concerns  brought to the attention of the City team.

City staff have been good to work with; responding quickly and efficiently to our many requests for meetings and/or information.  After a rocky first six months of this collaboration the working partnership is very positive - we all want the best park possible. Meetings with the City team will resume in the Spring to continue refining  the park design - the devil is in the details. 

As noted in the October newsletter, the city is planning a Spring public meeting to present information about construction schedules, park closure,  vehicular traffic, clean up etc. When the date of the meeting is announced, you will get a reminder. This is the meeting where we need to clarify the impact this three-year long,  major construction project will have on surrounding communities.

A reminder that information about the Rosehill Rehabilitation Project can be found on the City of Toronto's project website: www.toronto.ca/rosehill 

That's all for now - thanks again for your support.
Happy holidays from the Rosehill Vision Committee.


Kate Wilson van Nostrand



  • The current proposal start date is Spring 2018.
  • Click here for the City's timeline for the project.
  • Click here to view the Rosehill Vision Committee's current draft plan.
Questions about the City’s work on the reservoir can be directed to Kate Nelischer, Sr Public Consultation Coordinator, at knelischer@toronto.ca