News From Street Reps

Welcome to the new section posting news from our lovely dedicated street reps.....

May 2018

On May 17, 2018 there was great excitement on Ottawa Street. The whole street was blocked off and all residents moved their cars off the road. Early in the morning an enormous crane was brought in, as well as several other trucks. 

A large tree had fallen in the rain and wind on May 4. Because all the houses are attached, there was no space to extricate the tree limbs. In order to remove the wood, the crane had to lift the branches over the houses. The crane operator reported that the largest lift of the day was 6500 pounds and that he had the crane boom extended 95 feet for that lift. I think you will agree that these photos portray the most dramatic tree removal that Summerhill has ever seen! 

All was completed as planned. A tidy ending to a messy situation!