The Summerhill Resident's Association is your voice with the City Councilor, City Hall or the Ontario Municipal Board.  Your membership affords you the opportunity to make your opinions known and be supported on local issues.  Members vote at the annual general meeting for directors who meet frequently with planners, councilors and other staff at City Hall to voice your concerns about traffic, planning decisions, heritage and public safety.

The Association can only do its job if local residents purchase memberships.  In turn this allows the board to hire professional assistance to support local concerns such as appealing zoning decisions or improving the gardens and common areas around the neighbourhood. 

Membership is only $25.00 per year - if you are not already a member please email Debbie Briggs at summerhillresidentsassociation@gmail.co. Below is a membership form if you prefer to print out and complete. Alternatively, you can sign up online via the membership sign up page. Of course we will continue to accept cheques.

Link to membership form

Entitlement. Membership in the Corporation shall be available to those natural persons who have attained the age of eighteen years and who reside or own residential property in the area being bounded on the west by Yonge Street; on the north by the rear lot line of the properties on the north side of Woodlawn Avenue East (with the exception of the YWCA); on the east by the David A. Balfour Park ravine; and on the south by the north limit of the Canadian Pacific Railway lands.