Welcome to Summerhill

About Us

The Summerhill Resident’s Association (SRA) is made up of owners/renters of residences in the area bounded by Yonge Street on the west, Woodlawn Avenue East on the north, Shaftesbury Avenue on the south and David A. Balfour park ravine on the east.  Included in the area is Summerhill Avenue, Summerhill Gardens, Tacoma Avenue, Shaftesbury Place and Woodlawn Avenue East.  

To be eligible to vote on matters brought forward at meetings throughout the year individuals must have paid their membership fees for the year. One membership grants one vote and multiple residents at single address may vote by taking out additional memberships.  All registered owners of neighbourhood condominiums that have taken out bulk memberships are entitled to vote.

The association is served by a board of directors elected at an AGM each January. This year’s (2019) members of the Board of Directors, may be contacted by emailing summerhillresidentsassociation@gmail.com.   Please feel free to contact The President (Debbie Briggs) should you have a neighbourhood concern or question.

The board of directors provides community feedback to our city councilor, the committee of adjustment and the city planning department and often takes on a proactive role in expressing the neighbourhood's viewpoint on development issues.  SRA is also a member of FONTRA (Federation of North Toronto Resident's Association) which provides feedback on issues that affect North Toronto specifically and all of Toronto generally.