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Tree Canopy for Neighbourhood Properties:  
Recognizing the City of Toronto’s goal of increasing the City’s tree canopy by 40%, the SRA wants to encourage residents of Summerhill to access two programs sponsored by the City: Every Tree Counts and Tree for Me.
Every Tree Counts - is a new City of Toronto Program which offers every home owner a free tree to be planted on the public road allowance. Every Tree Counts has a comprehensive online brochure, outlining available species and relevant information. Trees can be ordered by calling 311 or online. After the tree is ordered, staff will visit the site to confirm the best species and planting location for your property. The tree will be delivered and planted for you the following spring or fall.
Program Info:
Online brochure:
Check out this article: Toronto Seen to be Green in Tree-Canopy Mapping of Cities Around the World: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2017/01/04/toronto-seen-to-be-green-in-tree-canopy-mapping-of-cities-around-the-world.html

Tree for Me is another program sponsored by the City (and others) which offers home owners a free tree. These trees can be planted anywhere you wish on your property.
Tree for Me has a great online website where you choose a tree - you can even take a quiz to determine the best tree for you. Trees are picked up at a prearranged location (in several neighbourhoods around the city ). When you pick up your tree there is a short workshop on how to plant and care for your tree. Like Every Tree Counts, these trees are available for either spring or fall planting.
Program Info:

Summerhill enjoys a generous tree canopy, but there’s always room for improvement and we think residents will welcome the green challenge.

Drone flying at Summerhill, December 2016;